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Endangered Species

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"Kaelepulu Pond"
artists: 4th grade students under the direction of Thomas Deir

Reasons WHY Hawai'i Species are Endangered
List of Endangered Species
Saving our Endangered Species
Resources Used by Students

"Special Feature: The Giant Panda of China"
More Hawaii Resources for Students and Teachers

Award Winning Websites by Enchanted Lake Students:

Venture into Hawaii's Coral Reefs
ThinkQuest Jr. 2000 PLATINUM Award

*Why are Hawaii's Wetlands Vanishing?
ThinkQuest Jr. 2001 - Captures Gold

Education World Features
Endangered Species of Hawaii Website

ThinkQuest@Japan 2002

Want to learn more about our endangered friends from Hawaii?
Visit winning Interactive ThinkQuest Jr. websites from the state of Hawaii:
Hawaii's Living Treasures, How Pono the Happy Face Spider Found His Smile,
Adventures of Lilo the Green Sea Turtle, Aloha Paradise?

Also take the time to visit Hawaii's
Ohi'a Production on Endangered Species

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