Honu, the Hawaiian
Green Sea Turtle

by Stacie H., 4th grade

Several years ago the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles were very endangered for a lot of reasons. But today, they are considered to be a threatened species and are protected by law in Hawaii. There are over 150 different kinds of turtles and only seven are sea turtles and they are all endangered or threatened.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle was named after their greenish colored fat. Their shell can grow from about 1 inch to about 42 inches. They can weigh from 1 oz. (hatchling's weight) to about 200-400 pounds. Their life span can be from 20-50 years.

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The reasons why they are endangered are because of high winds, hurricanes, predators, and humans. They can die from hurricanes and high winds because the strong winds can make the waves really big. When this happens it makes it hard for the turtles to come up for air. The hatchlings usually are eaten by sand crabs and sea birds when they are running toward the ocean. Often times they die or get eaten before they are full grown. But not only do they die from predators, but also men kill them for the meat and the beautiful shell. Another way they can get killed is by getting caught in a net and drowning. And when humans accidentally let a balloon fly away, it lands in the sea. The turtles mistake it for a jelly fish and eat it

The Green Sea Turtles start to breed in March and lay their eggs in May. They are believed to lay them where they were born. The eggs feel wet, slimy and leathery. The sea turtles can grow from 1 oz. to 200-400 pounds.

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